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J.Polep Distribution continues to invest in technology to support our customers', vendors' and employee needs to enhance the sales experience. J.Polep Distribution offers many solutions to support ordering, product check in, reporting requirements and analysis, EDI invoicing and ACH payment transactions.  J.Polep's sales and marketing team are equipped with iPads. This allows them to present up to date information on products, programs, promotional and ranking information as well as identify top ranked item voids.

J. Polep is focusing on the three easiest ways of order entry technology

1. Using a computer- POLEP LINK

2. Using an iPad- POLEP PLUS

3. Using an smartphone- POLEP MobiairSE


However, J. Polep offers a number of order entry technology options. 

  • "Polep Link" internet ordering 
  • "POW" Pocket Order Writer for portable windows 
  • "Polep Mobile" for smartphones or tablets
  • MobiairSE
  • PLUS 

These options allow customers to; scan UPC codes and shelf tags to generate orders, view purchase history, generate velocity reports, process return merchandise authorization, view invoice and credit memo detail, create customer order guides and set par values and the ability to print shelf tags.

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