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W.A.M. Pro is an information system to assist in the management of the W.A.M. retailer accrual program. The data provided by W.A.M. Pro identifies distribution voids and program money opportunities to help maximize retailers’ rebate earnings. W.A.M. is a retailer accrual program that enables you to earn accrual rebates through participation in a variety of programs. W.A.M. rebates offer a simples way for you to qualify for additional rebate money. 

W.A.M allows you to: 

•         Track and execute the retailer program in the independents and small chains

•         Structure performance-based programs and initiatives that center around improving core-brand distribution

•         Track and improve speed-to-shelf of new items

•         Identify ‘opportunity’ stores that may be under-developed

•         Facilitate local, data-based drives/events

•         More effectively manage the business

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