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In 2010, J. Polep Distribution Services Launched the Specialty Food Division with a dedicated sales team focused on developing a ‘better-for-you’ product portfolio. The focus is to expand the college, hospital and corporate dining distribution channel. J. Polep Distribution Services now delivers to over 400 college campuses and is servicing 1,100 locations within this channel. The Specialty Food portfolio features ‘better-for-you’ options, gluten free, ethnic foods, organic and fresh made soups and sandwiches. The specialty foods catalog is dedicated to introducing and promoting these product lines. 

J. Polep Distribution Services works to source and promote local businesses and companies that practice sustainability and protect our environment.  J. Polep’s focus on alternative channels continues to grow and flourish in our constantly evolving industry. 

J. Polep practices green initiatives by utilizing plastic reusable totes when packing their orders. These totes are returned to the warehouse, sanitized and reused. 
By promoting the usage of online ordering, electronic catalogs and promotional items, we encourage our customers and sales team to minimize waste and go green!  

Please see below for J. Poleps Partners who promote Green Initiative as well!