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J. Polep’s goal is to serve you as the customer with the highest-quality, foodservice products and services. J. Polep’s knowledgeable Food Service Specialists have years of experience working in the food industry, making them very knowledgeable and passionate about their jobs. The specialists research and understand which quality product line will thrive in your stores. J. Polep oversees that all your food service needs are met. A product catalog is provided offering thousands of nationally branded products promoting all of J. Polep’s food service divisions. J. Polep takes pride in the products they sell and want to be sure it is properly being distributed. J. Polep offers equipment educational services to your staffing team to be sure the products are being properly served.

J. Polep Distributions Food Service division offers a variety of programs. From a full deli set up, hot dog roller grills, milkshake machines, pizza, frozen beverages, various types of pastry & nationally recognized coffee programs.