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Understanding the ever changing and evolving needs of today’s consumer, J. Polep has been an integral part of the C-Store channel innovation and growth for over the past 10 years putting the “better for you” segment on the map throughout the northeast. 

Since 2010 we have been actively promoting locally produced, organically grown, functional snacking, health, beauty and whole body wellness options appealing to both the traditional and non-traditional c-store consumer. 

Our Specialty portfolio is constantly growing and expanding as the needs of the market change and evolve.  We currently offer 1,200 items categorized as specialty with a strong focus on products geared toward the college and university demographic as well as todays new consumer.  Servicing over 400 college campus locations for over two decades, we have had the luxury of getting to know and understand this clientelle and have been providing only the best imported and true multicultural selections, allergen friendly choices, organic and sustainable options that we are proud to represent.