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J. Polep Distribution Services Web order Entry Functionality

Order Entry

Orders may be input in several ways:

  • Scanning Devices
  • Manually
  • Imported from Point of Sales Programs
  • Utilize Previous Item History
  • Order Guides
  • Guides may be defined for product lines, areas of a store, days of week, etc.
  • Product Pickups (R.M.A)

Item Information

  • Item searches, and pricing available
  • Monthly  in Pricing
  • Last Order Quantity and Date
  • Links to vendor sites for additional information
  • Existing on hand inventory
  • Item substitution and relationships (Green Arrows)
  • If item is out stock, suggested items may be displayed
  • Related items may be displayed; Example (hotdogs, relish, mustard, buns)

Accounts Receivable

  • Access to Open AR and invoice detail
  • Statement Printing
  • Access to AR history ( payments, credits, etc)
  • Export data to external applications (Excel)

Order Guides

  • Guides may be created and sorted in any manner the customer wants.
  • May create guides for product lines, areas of store, days of week, etc.
  • Input suggested par values to aid in ordering
  • Print guides and use as order forms

Item Usage

  • May create reports on item movement for any selected time period.
  • Select any number of item, vendor or price category.
  • Print in summary or detail.

Retail Price Maintenance

  • Maintain your store’s retail plans.
  • Set an item’s retail at a fixed price or margin percent markup.
  • Determine the rounding method.